Symprove Probiotic Review: And Why It's loved by the Celebs

Symprove: Will This Celeb Promoted Probiotic Drink Be Enough To Drastically improve your health?

How often do you listen to the stories of others moaning about gut issues and bloating? Or maybe you yourself are dealing with the same problems and are in the same boat

“Gut health” is often described as the function and balance of healthy bacteria which is crucial to maintain a healthy body. There is always a debate of good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are known to have many health benefits as long as they are taken the correct way with the right probiotic product.

A great probiotic passes all tests when it can easily get to the stomach and the intestine without being digested by the your stomach acid and without causing problems for the digestive system.

A Balanced Gut Leads to Healthy Body

A renowned researcher and a professional, Dr. Rangan Chatterjee who is also famous for his book “The Stress Solution” said that “We’ve got trillions of gut bacteria that live inside us and the composition of these gut bugs and their relationship with each other determines multiple aspects of your health.”

These days people of all age groups and gender feel the imbalance of these gut bugs due to the lifestyle that we follow. As much as the junk, processed and canned food is tempting to our taste buds, it also causes the same amount of damage deep inside the body. The overall balance of bacteria not only gets triggered but also has adverse effects on our weight, health and overall wellbeing. 

Symprove” Is here to your Rescue!

A new formula “Symprove” has really been the talk of the town within the Gastroenterologist specialists . People suffering from all kinds of digestive problems are now adding this unique supplement drink in to their lives. From skin complaints, general fatigue and tiredness to even IBS or many different allergys, Symprove claims to solve it all.

Symprove is basically a water-based supplement drink which contains an innovative 4-strain formula of live and active bacteria to help the gut microbiome function better.


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A research study was conducted in 2014 on Symprove in the University College in London where the professionals concluded that this particular probiotic drink has the capacity to stay for a longer time in the system and at the same time fights and balances the gut area where the bacteria lives.

Best to Go by The Planner

Symprove comes with a 12-week program. You have to take 2.4 fluid ounces which is approximately a 70 ml shot every morning before eating or drinking anything on an empty stomach. After taking the shot you have to wait for another 10 minutes for it to reach to your gut and then you can have your breakfast, tea or coffee. It is important to note that once the Symprove bottle is opened it should be kept in the fridge as each one has a shelf life of around five months. After that the bacteria level in the fluid gets disturbed and can no longer provide the maximum benefit of probiotics.

The benefits of symprove probiotic drink

Following the right schedule is also important as a lot of people give up after two weeks when they fail to see any results. As they say, Good things come to those who wait. Personally, I seen the benefits of Symprove myself within the space of two weeks, I noticed an increase in energy levels and better feeling of general wellbeing I also suffer from the dreaded back acne and noticed a big improvement in this also.

A Treat for The Taste Buds

To avoid the bad taste and odor, Symprove comes in two different flavors i.e. Mango and Passion and Original flavor. The fruity Symprove has a great fruity taste while the standard/original Symprove is meant to taste like water, let me tell you now that it doesn’t, although to me and most people that opt for this option in my experience it’s not too bad, it does have a slightly bitter taste and when took first thing on morning could make some people a little bit nauseous but overall, its tolerable.

Best Option for Gluten and Lactose Intolerants

The UK Symprove manufactured water-based probiotic drink is considered a safe option for people who have gluten and lactose intolerance.  It is FODMAP friendly and can be taken by vegetarians and vegans.

What to Expect in The First Two Weeks

Some people who have purchased and used the product claim to have more bowl movements in the first few days due to the fact that their bodies not being used to the good bacteria . It takes about 10 to 15 days for some peoples to adjust to Symprove and start balancing out. Once that happens, most people will notice less bloating, less heart burn and most importantly fewer visits to the loo.

The high energy and positive results after two weeks motivate the buyers to stick to the plan and keep going.

People who have given four to five stars to Symprove after using it are mostly of the opinion that one can not have such positive results over night. Some felt the signs in the first two weeks while for others it could take 8 to 12 week.

Most people tend to go with the 3 month plan and were satisfied with the overall performance of Symprove, These are the ones who are ready to stick with the probiotic drink for a longer period of time and also recommend it to everybody.


The benefits of symprove for ibs

Symprove Fighting IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is quite prevalent among people of the ages of 20 and above. It is more common in females when compared to men due to the constant change of hormone levels. This is something which a lot of people do not talk about but the struggle of trying to live with IBS is very real.

Some IBS Triggers and factors are but are not limited to

·       Stress: We cannot emphasize on this enough that one needs to keep a check of the stress level in the daily life. It consumes you mentally as well as physically. People suffering from bloating and lactose intolerance are often diagnosed with severe stress or depression related diseases.

·       Sleep Cycle and Lifestyle: We often hear that we become what we eat. This is so true. Doctors always tell us to get a good night sleep of seven to eight hours daily. And along with that the diet, what we feed our bodies is equally important.

Symprove food supplement drink claims to be a solution for all the diet, environment, stress and modern lifestyle related problems.

It helps to support the gut microbiome and the level of good bacteria in the “gut garden” of a person. The break down of food and toxins that trigger our digestive systems can be made easier and faster with just a few shots of this magical probiotic drink in a shorter period of time.

Other Health Benefits

Symprove probiotic drink is considered as a supplement food thus it cannot claim any health benefits due to some laws imposed by the food authorities but from the reviews of the buyers you canget a great idea of how it helps people in improving their skin and hair related problems.

Several research studies have been conducted in different institutions of UK schools, colleges and professional laboratories. All of them concluded the same thing and raved about the efficiency of Symprove.

What Makes Symprove Different

Benefits of symprove probiotic drink

The effective delivery of this water based Probiotic all the way down to the gastrointestinal track and the survival of the good bacteria is a definite plus for Symprove as all other probiotic food supplements lack this kind of efficiency, when probiotics are taken in tablet or yoghurt form the stomach will digest them thus making the benefits of balancing the good bacteria totally ineffective.

Another thing that is a must to mention is that it does not knock out of balance any other good bacteria which are present at the same spot. For this reason it does not have any side effects on human health, it will always mind its own business doing the job it was put there to do.

Another important point to mention here is that everybody reacts differently to different products. One thing that works for you might not work for your friend. Age, weight and family history also comes in to factor. It is entirely up to you but we do recommend at least one doctor visit and if you get the green signal then you can invest in Symprove and see the benefits for yourself.

I would recommend as a starter going with the one month option before diving in and investing in the 12 week course that way you can get a feel for it and see the benefits for your self


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